Study Support Tools

Tools aiding studies from launch to finish

Pro-ficiency is more than just training.

From start to finish, Pro-ficiency has your back. Whether your team needs to assemble a virtual IM, rapidly communicate across sites, or receive post-training support, we have the tools to propel your sites forward.


One Portal

Our simulations are impressive, but the system we have custom-developed to support clinical study training is equally unique. It’s more than an LMS, it’s a CMS (Competency Management System).

Pro-ficiency provides one portal for all your study training: simulation-training for your protocol, GCP, research-skills training (either ACRPs incredible collection, or your own), vendor training or other essential documents like safety letters, study communications, SOPs or any other training needed to keep your study on track.


Rapid Communications

Sure, we have automated completion reminders, required training notifications, and expiration notices.

But we’ve also created a unique communications platform to allow sponsors to connect more consistently with sites, improving the study relationship and also providing an ideal vehicle to disseminate critical information or reminder content. With Pro-ficiency’s attestation features, we take care of ensuring sites are hearing what you are saying.


The New Investigator Meetings

Global, remote and hybrid studies are creating a unique challenge for the old Investigator Meeting (IM) approach.

Pro-ficiency delivers it all.

Engaging Pro-ficiency simulations prior to a traditional investigator meeting allows a virtual IM to be focused only on documented risk areas. Less time, less money, more results.

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