Virtual study Trainer™

Pro-ficiency’s Virtual Study Trainer ™ uses the most advanced Remote Site Performance Management technology in the industry. With simulation-training, study teams can predict engagement and manage the performance of their sites. Whether you are planning a Virtual IM, an Asynchronous IM, or a hybrid meeting, with Virtual IM™ you can avoid the cost and complexity of travel and scheduling, reach every investigator and site staff in your study, and train them to the highest performance standards possible.

With Virtual SIV™, you can remote-start sites all over the world on complex protocols and fine-tune their performance throughout the study. The Virtual SIV™ Dashboard shows every site’s readiness for study initiation and individual knowledge and skills gaps that are being actively experiencing eMentoring™ through Pro-ficiency’s adaptive learning system. Never delay a study due to training compliance gaps and onboard new site staff automatically, and ensure that they are fully trained in the study.

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One Portal

Pro-ficiency provides one portal for all your study training, whether it’s Pro-ficieny’s simulation-training for protocol, GCP, PV or research-skills training, vendor training or other documents, having everything in one place makes it easy for the sites to take it and the study teams to track it. Pro-ficiency offers rapid read-and-acknowledge communications for all required training and notifications such as safety notification letters, Sponsor required SOPs and other documents. Pro-ficiency‘s automated compliance systems ensures that SIVs are on-time and site turnover is managed to avoid compliance gaps.

  • Remote-activate your sites faster and less expensively
  • Reduce amendments through our rigorous competency management system
  • Save thousands of investigator hours
  • Manage all required training from one portal
  • Automate compliance with all required training and safety letters
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Never delay an SIV due to training or compliance gaps.

Training is a primary reason for SIV delay. Virtual Study Trainer automates the entire process of site training.

Virtual study start

Pro-ficiency’s platform provides a unique turnkey solution for all your study compliance and training needs. The many vendors, technologies and regulatory requirements that study teams and sites have to deal with, combined with high staff turnover, creates a state of perpetual non-compliance. Pro-ficiency eases site burden, simplifies training and GCP compliance, and utilizes simulation-based training to identify and mitigate study risk.

The Pro-ficiency platform allows administrators to send important communications to sites, such as Amendments and Safety Reports, with trackable, audit-ready read-and-acknowledge functionality.

Wouldn’t your job be easier if you could use real-time data to track training compliance, prepare for your SIV, and focus your IM on very specific, knowledge-based risks that may lead to protocol deviations? Thousands of clinical researchers and study team members sleep better at start-up and throughout the study with Pro-ficiency. Let us show you how.

Pro-ficiency is the eLearning provider for the Association for Clinical Research Providers (ARCP) which provides the industry’s best competency-based training and certification. This includes GCP, pharmacovigilance, and skills training for research staff.

COVID-19 showed us that relying on face-to-face training is not only expensive, inconsistent, and slow, it is also fragile. The industry needs systems that utilize the rigor, convenience, durability and financial benefit of virtual technology without sacrificing effectiveness. An LMS is only as good as the content you put on it. Simulation training content is not only more engaging, and more effective, it also provides predictive analytics to support your RBM and site selection activities.

Virtual SIV™

Pro-ficiency is the eLearning provider for the Association for Clinical Research Providers (ARCP) and can provide the industries best competency-based training content and certification through the ACRP partnership. This includes GCP, pharmacovigilance, and skills training for investigators, monitors and study coordinators.

The Pro-ficiency platform allows administrators to send important communications to sites, such as SOPs, Amendments and Safety Notification Letters, with trackable, audit-ready read-and-acknowledge functionality.

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