Pro-Active Protocol

A Pro-active solution that sheds light on your protocol

Your Protocol, Brought to Life.

With Pro-Active Protocol, we create an animated study schema that creates immediate visual impact, and a level of understanding of your protocol that is essential to study quality and compliance.

Why Pro-active Protocol?

Shining light on Protocols

Our protocol optimization methodology translates your complex, scientific and regulatory document into a visual simulation of the patient journey and site operational flow of the trial. This allows:

  • Your study team to see potential inconsistencies and implementation challenges

  • Your sites to anticipate resource and operational requirements

  • Potential subjects to envision the actual experience of participating

  • And, regulators and ethics committees to understand the complexities of the study design that can’t be fully appreciated through a static schema diagram

When do you need Proactive Protocol?

before protocol

Pro-active Protocol will identify any protocol inconsistencies or gaps, so edits can be made prior to finalization. Even better, these can be used to facilitate patient focus groups to uncover burdens and identify ways to make the protocol more patient-centric.

At Study Start-up

Pro-active Protocol is an ideal tool for sites to understand study flow and the patient journey in an engaging and highly-visual way during the feasibility process.  This enables sites to better understand complexities, resource requirements and secures their buy-in to the realities of the study demands.


    The animated protocol maps make communicating critical study changes/amendments easy as sites can visually see where in their workflow changes need to be made. It’s also a game-changing tool for studies that are struggling with deviations.

      Why Pro-ficiency?

      Pro-ficiency applies a unique blend of technology with subject-matter expertise and creative design to deliver solutions that drive intelligence and competency. This mix also results in a partnership that adds value while reducing burden on your study team, and we have lightning-fast delivery.


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