Prescriptive Analytics

Performance Analytics for Predictable Performance

Pro-ficiency tracks the performance of your clinical teams, sites, and studies.

Never guess again if a clinical team is protocol-ready. With study-customized simulation trainings, predictive analytics track individual and site weak areas to guarantee sites are always on track. 


WHY Prescriptive Training Matters

Training that Drives Action

Traditional training methods such as slide decks train for completion. If sites misunderstand or poorly comprehend concepts, the results are revealed during the study as deviations. These deviations are unnecessary if you can evaluate performance BEFORE mistakes turn into deviations.

Pro-ficiency takes our analytics one step further than predictive with a new suite of tools. Our approach to prescriptive training answers the question ‘what should we do next’. 

The behavior-based performance metrics generated by Pro-ficiency simulations result in easy-to-interpret analytics reports that not only predict likely site performance, but give you clear guidance for action. What deviations are most likely to occur? What focused support do sites need based on performance on the most critical elements of your study?

Disturbing Industry Trends

The clinical industry has seen a dramatic increase in the average cost and time it takes to bring a drug to market, all while receiving lower returns than ever before. How do we stop this trend? By implementing compliance-focused methodologies to achieve optimal site performance across a study’s lifespan.

Predictive Analytics

What if you could predict the success of each site on your study? How much time would your team save with automated compliance and at-a-glance compliance reports? How would your study improve if you knew potential areas of protocol deviation before they happened?

Pro-ficiency delivers it all.

Each decision point made during a simulation experience is tracked, collected and presented in actionable performance and compliance reports. The reports provide invaluable insights that can help your team identify potential problems before they affect your study timelines or budgets. Can slide decks and lecture slides say the same?

Automated Compliance

The Pro-ficiency compliance approach ensures that study start-up training is consistent, intensive, results oriented and time efficient. Even better, we manage site turnover seamlessly to avoid compliance gaps.


  • Remote-activate your sites quickly
  • Reduce amendments by proactively managing site competency
  • Reduce site burden with a single compliance source
  • Provide site efficiency with industry standard programming like ACRP GCP

Less Risk, Fewer Deviations, Better Outcomes

Pro-ficiency’s unique simulation approach delivers less risk, fewer deviations, and better outcomes for your study.
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