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Sponsors love working with us.

It’s a bold statement, but we’re a service delivery partner that helps solve some of the most pressing problems facing clinical trials: site burden, protocol adherence, and risk management.


Why to Partner with Pro-ficiency

Choose a partner Transforming The Clinical Space

A ‘side-effect’ of Pro-ficiency’s simulation-based training is winning more RFPs. This is direct feedback from one of our CRO partners.

Differentiate your next bid defense with our state-of-the-art protocol training platform. Once you see a demo – you will see the difference we can make.

PS: Sponsors and sites love Pro-ficiency because the training outcomes are unmatched too.


As much as we love working with Sponsors, we also love partnering with organizations that share our vision of driving positive transformation in clinical trials.

With several partnering models available, from FSP-based models to simple opportunity-share approaches, we are poised to stand with you to provide the kind of learning and study support Sponsors need in today’s increasingly complex study environment. And sites LOVE us too (it’s a love fest, come join us!)

Our full suite of services is available with our partnership model.


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• Technology Sector

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