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Pro-ficiency is known for perfectly blending art and science together to create a simulation experience that will change the way you think about training.

Simulation Training

A Pro-ficiency simulation brings your protocol to life.

As the cornerstone of your study, the protocol includes intricacies, risk areas and details that create a deviation minefield for study teams.

Our goal is to prevent and eliminate deviations entirely by allowing clinical study sites to put concepts into action.


Prescriptive Analytics

Every decision made in a simulation experience is tracked, collected, and presented via compliance reports.

The insight from these reports allows for teams to effortlessly identify potential problems and provide proactive corrective actions before they effect your study timeline or budget.

Can lectures and slide decks say the same?

Pro-Active Protocol

Through our protocol optimization methodology, we can translate your complex, scientific and regulatory document into an interactive visual simulation of the patient journey and site operational flow.

Never guess if a protocol is study-ready; get a guarantee from our team of protocol experts.


Enrollment Optimization

With Pro-ficiency, subject enrollment and retention is simple. Enrolling more starts with losing less.

Training your sites on enrollment criteria from pre-screening to treatment is the most effective way to reduce subject loss. 

Already facing enrollment challenges? No problem. Interventional training can be applied retroactively to correct site weak points, such as insufficient enrollment.

Patient Education

Supporting a patient journey starts with providing engaging and relevant educational resources.

Simulation-based training can fill patient education gaps by translating already-available or yet-to-be-made patient education resources into simulations that capture and hold a patient’s attention.


Study Support Tools

Sure, we have an all-encompassing training approach, but what about support?

With one portal to handle all your simulation training resources, rapid communications to monitor critical study events, and a unique approach to IM meetings, we can deliver everything your sites need to ensure a seamless study.

The Pro-ficiency Experience

The perfect blend of art and science yields a unique training experience for your clinical study teams. By applying complex production techniques like 3D modelling, engaging and immersive scenarios, in-the-moment eMentoring and expert video production, learners not only absorb concepts better, they enjoy the experience.

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