Our Approach

Pro-ficiency is known for perfectly blending art and science together to create a simulation experience that will change the way you think about training.

How it works

Pro-ficiency provides one portal for all your study training

Having everything in one place, including protocol training, compliance training, skills-based programming, vendor resources and other documents, makes it easy for the sites to take it and the study teams to track it.



A Pro-ficiency simulation brings your protocol to life. As the cornerstone of your study, the protocol includes intricacies, risk areas and details that create a deviation minefield for study teams. Our goal is to prevent and eliminate deviations entirely by allowing clinical study sites to put concepts into action.

As Einstein once said – ‘Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.’ We think Einstein would have been a great member of the Pro-ficiency team.

To drive this critical change, we create an immersive, engaging, choose-your-own-adventure learning experience for investigators with the goal of elevating their performance in each clinical trial. Investigators love us, and you will too.

A recent survey showed that the Pro-ficiency approach to training assisted site staff in avoiding protocol deviations. In fact, over 87% of surveyed investigators agreed or strongly agreed with that statement. Want more? Take a look at the full report –

Actionable Analytics

What if you could predict the success of each site on your study? How much time would your team save with automated compliance and at-a-glance compliance reports? How would your study improve if you knew potential areas of protocol deviation before they happened?

Pro-ficiency delivers it all.

Each decision point made during a simulation experience is tracked, collected and presented in actionable performance and compliance reports. The reports provide invaluable insights that can help your team identify potential problems before they affect your study timelines or budgets. Can slide decks and lecture slides say the same?


Analytics that yield significant results

One Portal

Our simulations are impressive, but the system we have custom-developed to support clinical study training is equally unique. It’s more than an LMS, it’s a CMS (Competency Management System).

Pro-ficiency provides one portal for all your study training: simulation-training for your protocol, GCP, research-skills training (either ACRPs incredible collection, or your own), vendor training or other essential documents like safety letters, study communications, SOPs or any other training needed to keep your study on track.

Automated Compliance

The Pro-ficiency compliance approach ensures that study start-up training is consistent, intensive, results oriented and time efficient. Even better, we manage site turnover seamlessly to avoid compliance gaps.
  • Remote-activate your sites quickly
  • Reduce amendments by proactively managing site competency
  • Reduce site burden with a single compliance source
  • Provide site efficiency with industry standard programming like ACRP GCP

Rapid Communications

Sure, we have automated completion reminders, required training notifications, and expiration notices. 

But we’ve also created a unique communications platform to allow sponsors to connect more consistently with sites, improving the study relationship and also providing an ideal vehicle to disseminate critical information or reminder content. With Pro-ficiency’s attestation features, we take care of ensuring sites are hearing what you are saying.

The New Investigator Meetings

Global, remote and hybrid studies are creating a unique challenge for the old Investigator Meeting (IM) approach. 

Engaging Pro-ficiency simulations prior to a traditional investigator meeting allows a virtual IM to be focused only on documented risk areas. Less time, less money, more results.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

We may be creative, but we’re responsibly creative. 

And we understand that training in clinical research requires compliance with good documentation practices and record keeping standards. We’ve got you covered.

The Pro-ficiency Experience

The perfect blend of art and science yields a unique training experience for your clinical study teams. By applying complex production techniques like 3D modelling, engaging and immersive scenarios, in-the-moment eMentoring and expert video production, learners not only absorb concepts better, they enjoy the experience.

Ready to Get Started?

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