The health of our community of employees, contractors, clients and partners is of primary importance to Pro-ficiency. Like you, we are monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Simultaneously, we are continuing to implement our strategy to offer on-line site start-up activities that may allow study teams to continue the important research work underway.

Business Continuinty Planning

Pro-ficiency is fully committed to continuing our work of providing the training and compliance platforms your studies have come to rely on. In order to ensure business continuity in support of this work, we are immediately implementing the following policies:

  • Pro-ficiency has been 100% remotely enabled since our founding. Historically, remote work has been at the discretion of our management, employees and contractors. As of March 13, 2020, all Pro-ficiency staff will be mandated to work from home until further notice. As a remotely-enabled company, tools and systems are in place to ensure all communications, data and platforms are secure within this remote workforce.
  • We have documented staff redundancy to ensure continuity of programs should a member (or members) of our staff experience personal health effects.
  • For activities that require some level of personal engagement, such as video shoots in our studio, we are implementing a limit to the number of staff that may be interacting in a specific physical space. All shoots will be run with a maximum crew of 3 people or fewer at any time. Other essential video production participants will join shoots via web conferencing. We have put in place a sterilization process to ensure all equipment, props, and surfaces are sterilized between shoots and/or when new participants are introduced to the space.

Scaling to Address Increased Need

As a provider of e-platforms, Pro-ficiency can help enable studies to reduce the need for face-to-face interactions, including IMs and SIVs. As such, we are currently receiving an increasing number of requests to help supporters enable remote study activities and anticipate significant scale on the Pro-ficiency platform. The Pro-ficiency platform was built on redundant and flexible technologies to enable quick growth. Given the immediacy of the anticipated system scale, Pro-ficiency will be continually monitoring system performance and optimize for scale as needed. We don’t anticipate any significant reduction in platform performance. However, should there be any disruption to normal access, Pro-ficiency will notify all study leads upon discovery.

We are here to service our clients and do all that we can to ensure that the critical research we are so proud to be a part of can continue to the fullest extent possible under the current circumstances. Please let us know how we can help. Stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,

JoAnne Schaberick

CoCEO, Pro-ficiency