Enrollment Optimization

Addressing enrollment difficulties and solutions for clinical sites

Maximizing Site Enrollment

Enroll more, lose less

Pro-ficiency is a master at addressing enrollment challenges. Subject enrollment and retention is one of the most challenging aspects in conducting clinical research. On average, a site must identify 14 subjects to get 1 randomized subject. Subjects are valuable, don’t put up with unnecessary subject loss. Through simulation-based training, sites gain a full understanding of their screening process, reducing unwarranted loss and increasing enrollment. Supplemental job aids can expedite this enrollment process, granting sites the ability to make decisions at a mere glance.

Enrollment: An Expert Assesment on Study Rescue

What Common Mistakes do Sponsors Make?

Enrollment is tricky. But when Sponsors and CROs implement half-hearted interventions, such as an SIV retraining event, they only alienate their sites. When sponsors and CROs take ineffective solutions, time is only wasted and enrollment becomes even trickier to face.

When Should You Focus on enrollment?

As soon as enrollment begins to decline after a study launches, TAKE ACTION. Site enrollment is a complex problem, with over 150 causes. By addressing the root of the problem, their site training, sponsors can affect enrollment the most. With training that can track and correct individual and site-wide weak points, enrollment criteria can be made simple.

How can Simulation Help?

Interventional training is often needed throughout a study rescue to correct site failures, such as insufficient enrollment. Simulation-based training exposes learners to scenarios similar to those they will encounter during their clinical trials. As learners progress, they are coached on weak points until they can consistently take the appropriate corrective action. Through hands-on experience and analytics to track progress, sponsors can guarantee site preparedness for rescue studies.

Ready to enroll?

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