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We take pride in our ability to delight our clients every day with our elegant and innovative solutions. But it’s not just Sponsors and CROs that love us, investigators and sites love us too.

Investigators Love Our Simulation Training Approach

Did the investigators participating in your last clinical trial love their training? Ours did.

We just completed another simulation training rollout for one of our customers. The results from over 1,300 participants were outstanding!

NAFLD Enrollment Support

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, or NAFLD, studies present unique enrollment challenges that Pro-ficiency directly addresses.

Using our proprietary platform, coupled with the vast expertise of our program development team, Pro-ficiency has created a quick-release module specific to NAFLD and NASH studies that is ready to help new studies, or those experiencing an enrollment lag.

If you just have powerpoint slides with someone talking over it, do you get the facts? Yeah. Do you remember them? Maybe. Do they actually know how to implement it? Probably not… This platform will allow us to create content that is interactive, and people can actually make decisions as they go throughout the program…you learn from your mistakes, which is a great way to learn.
Jim Kremidas
Former Executive Director
We deployed Pro-ficiency to our recruitment staff. Usually, they remember nothing but with Pro-ficiency training, the information really stuck and helped them find the right patients for the study. It definitely beats reading through a slide deck or trying to take a quiz after reading through a hundred slides. More interactive. Keeps you awake.
Daniel Thorpe
Clinical Research Co-ordinator
Adam’s Clinical
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