Actionable Analytics

Predictive Analytics for Predictable Compliance.

Pro-ficiency tracks the compliance of your clinical teams, sites, and studies.

Pro-ficiency is known for pairing cutting-edge simulation trainings with predictive site compliance tracking. Never guess again if a clinical team is protocol ready.


A Simulation Experience with Pro-ficiency

During a simulation, learners are active participants making the types of critical decisions they will encounter when implementing your clinical trial. Through this practice, learners improve their understanding of the protocol and increase their retention of vital information. During the simulation training, learners are coached until they make the right decisions, so they are better prepared to handle these situations when they occur in real life. Because the training modules are offered online and easily translated, the simulation approach suits any study, anywhere, at any time.

As learners make decisions, our system tracks every decision. This generates robust behavior-based analytics which can pinpoint strong sites, site staff in need of additional training, and even protocol areas that are proving confusing to all sites. All of these metrics can be used to take proactive action. Action that can keep your study on track, eliminate deviations and better ensure patient safety.

Why Track Compliance?

Avoid the risks of traditional Tracking methods

Traditional training methods such as lectures and presentations continue to dominate the clinical research space. They are comfortable, easy, and inexpensive. But, they only address knowledge and recall. Other industries with similarly high-risk outcomes, such as aviation, space exploration, and even medical training, choose the proven method simulation. Simulation lets learners practice techniques in a consequence-free environment, before engaging in critical activities.

Would you get on a plane with a pilot who had only read the flight manual but never practiced flying? We wouldn’t. But we are asking our sites to navigate complex protocols with patients without being able to experience and practice the most critical elements of that protocol, putting the study and subjects at unnecessary risk.

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