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Pro-ficiency is a next-generation learning engine for Clinical Trials.

Our unique simulation approach achieves real intelligence for learners and for leaders.

Improve Enrollment

Enrollment challenges are no match for
Pro-ficiency. Our simulation-based training delivers a comprehensive breakdown of a study’s screening process, ensuring sites are enrolling more subjects and reducing unnecessary loss.


As learners progress through a simulation-based training, every decision taken is tracked, collected, and presented in performance and compliance reports. Prevent deviations from ever arising with a training approach that can proactively identify and remedy high-risk areas.

Smarter SIVs

No one deserves to sit through a three hundred slide PowerPoint, site staff included. Transform a standard SIV visit into a targeted training session, addressing areas of concern instead of the entire protocol.


How it works

Pro-ficiency uses the most advanced remote site performance management technology in the industry.

Remote-activate your sites faster and less expensively. Reduce amendments through our rigorous competency management system. Save thousands of investigator hours. Manage all training from one portal. Automate compliance with all required training and safety letters.

Pro-ficiency does it all.

Minimize Human Error

With human error being a significant cause of avoidable clinical error, Pro-ficiency provides a valuable addition to a comprehensive process for developing sites and improving study outcomes.

Our Team

Meet Our Innovators,
Thought Leaders, and

Our investment in the people who drive quality clinical trials starts with the Pro-ficiency leadership team. The expertise and broad experience of our team members is what makes us uniquely qualified to deliver best-in-class training for your teams.

Work with us

Partner with Pro-ficiency

By simulating the critical aspects of your study, from enrollment to complex procedures, we prevent deviations from the start. We’re on a mission to prevent and eliminate protocol deviations. Join us!

Clients & Users Love Us:

Done Better...

“Our company has its own internal training team and solution platform that’s well-known, so of course I went there first. What they proposed was nowhere near as attractive as what Pro-ficiency proposed. I ended up choosing Pro-ficiency because I wanted it done better.”
CRO Customer

Rising to the Occasion...

“We will keep using them because they keep rising to the occasion. With other vendors you only get what’s on paper, there’s nowhere near as much flexibility. Honestly, the one main thing I would improve is for them to have more resources so we could use them for more things.”
– Industry Sponsor Customer

Better than other platforms...

“Pro-ficiency is significantly better than other platforms I have used for training. The simulation training enables our staff to deeply internalize the critical parts of the protocol.” 
Site User

Novel Training Method...

“We were looking for a novel training method that could truly capture the user’s attention. We chose to work with Pro-ficiency because it was the only solution that could do this.” 
Industry Sponsor Customer

Problem based learning...

“Having someone engaged in problem-based learning scenarios is a much better way to change behavior.” 

Helpful for our staff...

“The simulation is helpful for our staff to deeply understand inclusion/exclusion criteria.” 
Site User

Excited about this training method...

“I am excited about this training method because I’m a hands-on learner. The more I do, the better I learn.” 
Site User

Case Studies

We take pride in our ability to delight our clients every day with our elegant and innovative solutions. But it’s not just Sponsors and CROs that love us, investigators and sites love us too.

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