We are leading the virtual revolution in remote site support. Pro-ficiency provides remote site training, compliance and communication tools to 60,000+ clinical researchers globally.

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Solutions to today's research challenges Find out more > Pro-ficiency provides a virtual toolkit to help study teams meet the challenge of training and communicating with sites in a rapidly evolving clinical research environment. Experience you need The Pro-ficiency team pioneered the fields of virtual patient simulation and training analytics. Leverage this experience for your studies. Find out more > The Innovation Edge Pro-ficiency utilizes simulation-training, eMentoring, and analytics to train researchers to the highest performance standards possible. Find out more > Proven Tools Pro-ficiency provides training, communication, and compliance tools that support the remote management of sites while enhancing performance and engagement. Find out more > Anticipate Problems
Predict Engagement
Pro-ficiency delivers more than a certificate. Feed your entire study data ecosystem with actionable analytics. Find out more >
Best-in-Class Training Pro-ficiency was chosen by ACRP to be their eLearning and simulation training provider for ACRP's 60,000 corporate and individual members. Partners >

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Virtual Study Trainer™

Virtual IM™ and Virtual SIV™ combine the remote site training and communications tools you need to eliminate the cost and complication of travel and scheduling.

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Simulation Training

Pro-ficiency is the leading provider of simulation enabled training tools for virtual and hybrid studies.

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Adaptive Learning

Pro-ficiency adapts to the specific knowledge and skill gaps of each user talking. If they know the material, they move through it much faster. Knowledge gaps are filled through eMentoring.

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One Portal

All your training (protocol, technology, theraputic area, GCP/PV, etc.) and all read-and-acknowledge communications such as safety letters, Sponsor required SOPs and others can be managed through one portal.

clinical trial virtual simulation

Keep your trials top-of-mind with 10-minute refresher training
on screening for your protocols

Remote Site Training

Pro-ficiency uses simulation and eLearning to create the industry's most effective and easy to manage performance management system.

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Rapid Communications

Rapidly communicate with every site on critical issues such as Safety Letters with read-and-acknowledgment, tracking, and audit trail.

Automated Compliance

Pro-ficiency’s automated compliance system ensures that SIVs are on-time and site turnover is managed to avoid compliance gaps.

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Actionable Analytics

Pro-ficiency’s simulation provides actionable analytics that improve critical aspects of your study. Better data equals better decisions.

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If you just have powerpoint slides with someone talking over it, do you get the facts? Yeah. Do you remember them? Maybe. Do they actually know how to implement it? Probably not… This platform will allow us to create content that is interactive, and people can actually make decisions as they go throughout the program...you learn from your mistakes, which is a great way to learn.
Jim Kremidas
Executive Director
We deployed Pro-ficiency to our recruitment staff. Usually, they remember nothing but with Pro-ficiency training, the information really stuck and helped them find the right patients for the study. It definitely beats reading through a slide deck or trying to take a quiz after reading through a hundred slides. More interactive. Keeps you awake.
Daniel Thorpe
Clinical Research Co-ordinator
Adam's Clinical

Minimize Human Error.

With human error comprising nearly nearly half of all avoidable clinical error, Pro-ficiency provides a valuable addition to a comprehensive process for developing sites and improving study outcomes.

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